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Quite simply, Avenue Two Travel is the luxury that discerning travelers can’t live without. Once a committed traveler experiences the access, the imagination, the clout, the scope and the security and serenity Avenue Two provides, there is just no going back to traveling any other way. The difference is the beneficial relationships we have all across the globe as members of the world’s most exclusive travel organizations. From Virtuoso — the renowned network of the world’s finest travel agencies — to The Four Seasons Preferred Partner program, Ritz-Carlton STARS, and — most extraordinarily — as a Virgin Galactic Accredited Agent, and many others, Avenue Two brings you rare experiences and events that are frankly unattainable as a solo traveler.

The Four Seasons, Toronto

The Four Seasons, Toronto


  • A private, after-hours visit to the Sistine Chapel
  • Sand boarding the dunes of Namibia
  • Dinner on the Great Wall of China
  • A soccer match with local Maasai tribe children
  • A visit from a Zodiac-driving Santa Claus on the Amazon River
  • The glitter and thrill of polo in Argentina
  • Leading the Tour De France in the Official Pace Car and watching the riders from this unique perspective

These are just a few of the incredible moments our clients have had.

With Avenue Two Travel, even return trips to favorite destinations are suddenly enlivened and refreshed by unrealized opportunities for fun, breathtaking excitement, learning and experience. There is no trip that is too small, or too big.

Most surprising, perhaps, is the idea that these advantages come with a steeper price tag.  Plainly put, this is simply a myth.

Llao Llao at Dusk Lake District

Llao Llao at Dusk Lake District of Patagonia

The Avenue Two Travel experience is unique because our experience as custom travel planners is unrivalled.

Unlike many other travel agencies, we are an independent travel firm with no obligations to specific suppliers, assuring you a customized experience instead of a “package” or canned travel deal. We are passionate travelers ourselves, actively exploring and evaluating the highest quality travel opportunities for our clients.

Our entire organization was built and is maintained utilizing a signature proprietary process: The Avenue Two Advantage.

Signature Team Approach

Most other firms dedicate a single advisor to each client. At Avenue Two Travel, we work in client teams, meaning you have guaranteed access to a Travel Advisor at all times. This ensures confidence and satisfaction as you prepare and travel.

Discovery of You

At the center of your travel experience is you. Our in-depth process reveals your preferences, traveling past, lifestyle, likes and dislikes down to the tiniest detail, passions, tastes, curiosities, dreams, sense of self and more.

Collaboration for a Customized Result

You may desire us to plan every aspect of your travel experience. Or you may prefer to take an active role. However you choose to collaborate, you can be assured that your Avenue Two Travel adventure is hand-crafted and bespoke, tailored to your exact expectation and dreams.

Engagement at Every Step

As you anticipate your departure, and as you travel, we work behind the scenes to the ensure perfection and satisfaction. Whether it is a weekend getaway or a month-long adventure abroad, we are never more than a text, a call, an email away, anticipating your needs and responsive to you at all times.

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Avenue Two Travel began life as Park Avenue Travel, a family owned travel agency business for more than 20 years. The founder is Debbie Bush, whose luxury travel expertise is unsurpassed in the industry. Her taste, sense of adventure and dedication to beyond-perfection travel has set the standard for the subsequent significant growth of the firm from a small boutique to a formidable world presence.

This growth is evident in the firm’s emergence in 2013 with an enhanced brand identity as Avenue Two Travel, still faithful to the concept of luxury and experiential travel in all its delightful forms. Avenue Two’s core values of excellence and service are now augmented with state-of-the-art technology, expanded Travel Advisor expertise in emerging new destinations, and an ever-widening array of unique and rare experiences for the passionate traveler.

With dedicated Travel Advisors located throughout the country, we serve clients in all 50 states and across the globe. Our executive offices are located outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the heart of the Main Line, Villanova.