Jennifer Bush
Jennifer Bush
: Villanova, PA: 610-243-1100: Disney World, North America, Ocean Cruising: Family, Special Needs, Autism

My passion has always been teaching children with Autism, and there is nothing more rewarding than witnessing a child learn a new skill or say a new word for the first time.  I am also enthusiastic about new places, cultures, cities, hotels, spas, and food! In my spare time I have had the opportunity to travel across the globe with my husband for the past 10 years, visiting Australia, China, Africa, Europe, Peru, Argentina, Hawaii, Japan, and various destinations in North America.

I began to think about how families of children with special needs should not have limits of traveling just because they have a child with a developmental delay such as Autism. I want those families who think that they can’t manage their child’s behaviors or complicated needs in an unfamiliar environment know that I can help give them the vital information and support they need to share new experiences together, wherever that might be. Traveling makes us all better global citizens and only enriches what we learn in school or via books or television.

My knowledge as a Behavior Specialist and a Special Education Teacher has shown me that strategies such as visual aids and visual schedules, adaptive communication techniques, and social stories are just some of the ways I can help people with Autism more easily adapt to their environment. Additionally, I think that traveling is an excellent way to generalize skills being learned at home, in a classroom, or work setting.

I would love to set up a travel plan for you. Maybe in 15 years you would love for your children to see kangaroos in Australia? If that seems out of reach because you’re concerned about the long plane ride, we can look at building up to that trip with Disney World, Hawaii, and Europe. Let’s talk about your ultimate goal for your family and how I can help get you there. Call or email me today, I’m looking forward to talking with you!

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